Sunday, December 12, 2010

Cam Newton's Heisman Speech...

Did anyone catch the part where Cam Newton said, "my parents do a lot of things behind the scenes that nobody knows about?" That was hilarious!!

From a Tidesports poster, pretty funny:

Top Ten Reasons Why Cam's Speech was Pathetic

10. He "had no knowledge" that he was supposed to give a speech.
9. He stole a perfectly good speech from a classmate, but he can't read kursiv.
8. He downloaded one from the internet, but it was about child birth.
7. He painted it black, painted his name on it and someone threw it behind the dumpster.
6. He was too choked up because he had to play for free at AU.
5. He had a good one written up, but his dad needed it for his Sunday sermon.
4. He had one ready, but his dad sent it to Reader's Digest for the $50.00 prize.
3. His crayon broke while he was writing it.
2. It was on the laptop that he didn't know was stolen.
And the number 1 reason that Cam's speech was pathetic..........
1. He was holding out to see how much the downtown athletic club was offering him to read his speech.

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