Sunday, December 12, 2010

What a crazy night...

So Cam Newton wins the Heisman, not a shocker, but still can't believe he won. I still don't believe that he had no idea that his father was trying to get money for him to play somewhere. John Taylor wrote this on

As you no doubt know — and probably have known for the better part of a month — Cam Newton was the runaway winner of the 2010 Heisman Trophy.

However, given the off-field issues that have surrounded him this year and Reggie Bush‘s own stiff-armed “situation” a couple months ago, there is a legitimate question that needs to be asked — will Newton ultimately be allowed to retain his copy of the Heisman hardware?

The NCAA’s investigation into the pay-for-play scheme that was put in motion by Newton’s father is still ongoing and, despite Newton’s proclamations of knowing nothing of what financial game his dad was working behind the scenes, there is still a chance that the NCAA could dig up something untoward regarding the Auburn quarterback. If that were to be the case, if the NCAA found Cam Newton was ultimately complicit in the scheme or had knowledge of it, he could very well be declared retroactively ineligible and we could have Bush v2.0 on our hands.

So, what do you think? Will Newton continue to keep the Heisman inside a trophy case that by now is bulging at the seams? Or, will he ultimately be stripped of one of the most prestigious individual honors in all of sports.

The other part of the crazy night, was the University of Florida trying to overshadow the Heisman, by announcing the hire of Will Muschamp. I really wasn't expecting that one. I mean the guy was going to take over a storied program like Texas, turned down Tennessee last year (ha, still think that's funny), and then decides to take the Florida job. I guess Mac isn't going to retire anytime soon.

But Muschamp? He's never been a head coach and your first job as a head coach is at Florida? I can think of one coach in particular where the same thing happened, and that didn't work out so well, see Mike Shula. I could be totally wrong, and we will soon find out, but just thought it was an odd hire.

I've read today where Muschamp is expected to target Kirby Smart (Alabama's Def. Coordinator). Don't see him leaving for the same job at another school, but could be wrong. Anyways, what a night. It should be interesting how each situation plays out.

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